Free to focus on the race

The Tri matters bag helps ambitious triathletes race with peace of mind through effortless preparation and pack-up.

The revolutionary bag that’s transforming the triathlon experience

Racing a Triathlon is hard enough. You deserve a solution that makes the race day as straight-forward and simple as possible. Gone are the scrappy, DIY solutions you’ve put up with for far too many years. For once you’ll leave the worry behind to focus on the race.

Effortless before and after the race

Transform your bag into a mat once you arrive at the transition area and neatly arrange your helmet, hat, water bottle or sunnies right on top of your bag ready for the race. Carry just one bag to and from the event without ever having to walk to the bag drop.

One bag to rule them all

Built in towel

Never have to find your extra bag after the race

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Have that sweet peace of mind knowing you’ve got everything you need for the race. With compartments and labels for every piece of gear you can’t possibly make a mistake before the big day!

Individual labels for each piece of gear

Clear your mind to focus on the race

Reduce the chance of losing an essential item

Made by Tri-athletes

Designed in Brisbane, Australia, the bag was designed from the ground up to make Australian Tri athlete’s lives easier.

As seen in Noosa Tri

Each part of the bag was carefully considered and rigorously tested in Triathlons across Australia.

Other triathletes love the bag...

"This bag was just as useful and helpful as I hoped it would be. A pocket for everything and even room to carry a smaller bag for use in the time between when transition closed and race start. I easily carried it whilst riding the bike. No complaints at all Would thoroughly recommend it to anyone addicted to triathlons!"

Cathy, triathlete

Addicted Triathlete

"I found the bag really easy to pack and get organised, and absolutely loved the labels and the ability to customise where and what you did with them. I rode my bike from where I was staying to transition on the morning and the bag was comfortable to carry."


Avid Triathlete

"I do love how you can clip the straps into what ever configuration you like."


Bicycle commuter

Ready to transform your Triathlon experience?